Staff Development

jigsaw blueOptimising student retention and success is not only about students themselves developing, improving and progressing.   It is also appropriate to consider ways in which academic members of staff can be helped to enhance their skills and abilities to support students to succeed.

Engineering Laboratory Demonstrator Training  A very effective way to provide training for academics who are new to teaching (e.g. PhD students) and are required to support students in laboratory activities  is to run a staff development learning module that is set up an a way similar to a conventional module.  You can find a presentation about this concept at Training PhD Students and in the Downloads page.  A typical Module Descriptor is available at Becoming an Effective Laboratory Demonstrator and in the Downloads page.  A supporting study handbook is available at Engineering Laboratory Demonstrator Handbook  and in the Downloads page.  Please contact us if you need further guidance or information about this type of training.

Optimising the student experience